Uber targets business travelers

October 8, 2014 Mark Dauner

​The ridesharing company Uber is continuing to attract business travelers with the rollout of Uber for Business in 41 new countries. According to Venture Beat, its corporate billing system is now available in all 45 countries where Uber publicly operates. The release of Uber for Business was available in 41 new countries on Oct. 1.

The service launched in the U.S. and Canada three months ago and has been tested in the U.K. as well as France. The source said that before Uber for Business was rolled out in international cities, it focused on several key markets across the globe: London, Singapore and Sydney.

However, the company is experiencing some setbacks in areas, such as Paris. Due to a new law passed in France, Uber drivers are no longer able to offer services using GPS systems, which they use to alert potential customers of availability, according to CNET.

Still, many employees who are going on business travel across the U.S. and want to opt for a private car rather than public transportation or a taxi service can use their corporate account through Uber for Business. The app is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and decreases the need for employees to file separate expense reports while traveling.

Employees use the Uber app to book trips directly onto the company credit card, allowing for transactions to be much more simpler for travelers. Travel Weekly said that when an employee books a trip on Uber for Business the company is sent a map of the route taken, which helps to protect companies against fraud.

“We’ve been using Uber for employee trips due to its convenience and reliability, and now Uber for Business takes it to the next level with reporting and employee management functions,” Matt Barrie, CEO of the crowdsourcing website Freelancer, told Travel Weekly.

To make travelers feel more comfortable about using a private car service, Uber allows customers to see a driver’s details as well as ratings that have been provided by previous passengers. The ride​sharing service is available in approximately 200 cities across the globe.

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