Webinar: Advancing Business Travel Intelligence

November 11, 2016 Mark Dauner

Data Visualization Intelligence, powered by Travel and Transport, is proud to be a sponsor of Business Travel News' latest webinar, entitled Advancing Business Travel Intelligence.

Note: This webinar has already been presented but you can still register and listen to this valuable information by clicking the button below!

Business Travel News’ Advancing Business Travel Intelligence webinar will offer insights into deep data analytics practices emerging in travel management. The research gives an inside view of how travel buyers and managers from across the industry are managing their data, what data they value and how those data sets are expanding. BTN’s expert panelists will give case studies of building an analytics tool versus buying an off-the-shelf product. They’ll talk about diversifying their travel data sets, what that brings to the table and how deeper analytics can deliver.


  • BTN’s latest research on travel data analytics practices
  • Case studies: building v. buying an analytics tool
  • Data diversification: can it deliver better visibility?
  • Making travel management more strategic through data

The panel will be moderated by BTN's editor-in-chief Elizabeth West and will feature:

  • Duane Goucher, Allstate
  • Michelle De Costa, Liberty Mutual
  • Margaret Brady, Seapark Consulting 

Get more information and register for free:



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