Webinar: iJET 2018 Health Outlook

November 30, 2017

Travel and Transport is proud to co-sponsor this useful webinar, led by our partners at iJET International.

Join Dr. Cai Glushak, Global Medical Director of AXA Assistance and Katherine Harmon, PA, Senior Director of Category Intelligence at iJET International for an engaging peek into 2018 and the prime medical concerns on their minds. Elevated risk areas of malaria and prevention non-compliance cost lives and present risk to individuals and organizations. Learn where the new hot spots are and how to mitigate this deadly disease. Increasing assignments abroad require careful planning, especially with more specialized medication and treatment regimens for complex conditions.

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What steps are necessary to ensure continuity of care and treatment and possible impediments? 
With more intense natural disasters globally, medical infrastructure is suffering in many areas.

What do you need to know when traveling or operating abroad post-storm or disasters? 
Elevated rates of disease and lack of access to healthcare facilities will continue to be a challenge in areas prone to catastrophic environmental events. Know your options and plan!

And finally, what are the facts behind required and recommended vaccinations and their importance in public health and preventing international spread of disease? 
Join us for an enlightening session with Q&A opportunities on December 7th.

To RSVP for this webinar, please register here.  

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