What's Hot: Dubai

April 12, 2018 Cassie Uecker

Sun. Sand. Crystal waters. Towering skyscrapers. Dubai is an oasis, blending old with new and providing both natural beauty and man-made wonders. The city has been a hot spot for leisure travelers, but is on the rise as a meeting and incentive destination. Building on its infrastructure, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotels, venues and transportation options. The Dubai International Airport has over 200 direct flights—one third of the world’s population can access this city by a less than four-hour flight—making it an easily accessible destination for global business. Because of its desert location, it’s best to visit November through March. And while the city is steeped in modernization, conservative traditions are valued. Educate your attendees on the cultural differences they'll need to observe while traveling.

Dubai for international meetings, events and incentives.

This bustling and growing destination is a land of abundance, with endless options for your events. Let’s highlight some areas Dubai really shines:

Discover the best shopping in Dubai at the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall. With over 1,200 stores, almost every major brand is represented. The mall also boasts an ice rink, theme park, aquarium, an in-mall taxi system and the world’s biggest candy shop.

If malls aren’t your thing, you might be better suited for the souks, or markets, of Dubai. With souks dedicated to different goods, like textiles and fragrances, you’ll find treasures from all around the world. Dubai, “the city of gold,” shows how it gets its name at the must-see Gold Souk. The nearby Spice Souk provides vibrant aromas of the area’s herbs, rice and fruit.

No matter what you define as adventure, Dubai has it. From skydiving to desert safaris, to culinary wonders and luxurious spas, your attendees have plenty to choose from in this activity-filled destination. Dubai’s nearly 40 miles of beach summons sunbathers and adventurists alike, with watersports like kayaking, surfing and parasailing. In contrast, the Arabian Desert is a short drive from the city center; here visitors can see camels, falconry demonstrations and enjoy traditional cuisine amid the desert scenery.

History and Culture
Beyond the modern marvels that draw visitors in, Dubai has deep-rooted history and tradition. The Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood shows the city’ landscape prior to skyscrapers, with a labyrinth of roads, traditional buildings and shops, galleries and museums lining the way. The Jumeirah Mosque, one of the most beautiful in UAE, gives guided tours to non-Muslim visitors. The opportunity to see the inside of one of these traditional places of worship emphasizes the culture that weaves throughout the city.

These highlights do not fully encompass the allure of Dubai, a rising destination for meetings and events. For more information about this great city and how it could be a fit for your next international program, visit www.visitdubai.com.








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