What's Hot: Experiential Meetings—Screening Rooms

October 18, 2018 Cassie Uecker

Looking for a new way to inspire your guests at your next meeting or event? Consider adding a screening room to your list of criteria. Offering a more immersive experience than the traditional projector, screening rooms are on the rise as hot experiential experiences for your guests.

With attendees wanting more visuals, media and truly memorable events, many hotels are offering screening rooms as their response. While these rooms might seem like they are only providing for a very specific event, they are actually quite versatile. Utilize them for presentations and product launches, or for fun social events like watch parties or an interactive cocktail hour.

If you love the idea of a screening room, but your venue doesn’t have a dedicated space, don’t fret! Focus on these three things to recreate the feeling:

  1. Lighting: When we say lighting, we really mean dark-ing. The key to an effective screening room is darkness. Limit the light sources and use heavy draping to mask any natural light trying to peek in.
  2. Seating: A good movie theater knows they need comfy seats to keep guests coming back—that is why many are introducing super-plush lounge chairs. Try and mimic your favorite theater with comfortable seating. If true stadium seating isn’t an option, try a mix of bean bags, oversized chairs and sofas on risers to provide varied heights.
  3. AV: If you are looking for a truly immersive experience, invest in top-notch AV with large screen projectors and high quality sound equipment.
  4. Snacks: Food never hurts! You don’t want your attendees sneaking in snacks—I know we are all guilty of this at the movies. Provide popcorn and candy to truly up the screening room feel.

Once you have the room all set up, don’t forget to try and incorporate the set up into other agenda items. It could even be a room for breaks for attendees to take a load off. At the end of the day, they might appreciate those cozy chairs…and snacks.




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