Why Cruises Make Good Vacation Getaways

October 12, 2017 Travel and Transport

why cruises make good vacation getaways

If you need to get away somewhere and have a peaceful trip — meaning adventure travel is out of the question — one excellent option is to take a cruise. People of all ages enjoy cruises, and aside from being exceptionally fun, they are a great deal and can even provide a dose of international travel for those who want to explore other cultures!

Here are the reasons that cruises make excellent leisure travel options:

Variety of locales

You can take a cruise to just about anywhere, whether you go island hopping in the Caribbean, take a river cruise down the Seine through France or explore South American ports via cruise ship. One of the best things about cruising is the great variety of options, as well as the varied locations you can travel – while only having to pack and unpack once — just by stepping off ship into port.

Varying sizes and activities

People traveling on family vacations often like taking mega-ships, which are often outfitted with multiple pools, water slides, movie theaters, rock-climbing walls and everything in-between. The days spent at sea between port stops are packed with things for children to do, while parents can relax with a good book or spend the day in the spa onboard.

Older couples might enjoy a smaller cruise ship that focuses on luxury, or river cruises that are often for adults-only. These can provide serenity, romance and unique cultural experiences that people crave.

Great value

Everyone knows that cruises offer excellent value. This is because the fares are often all-inclusive, or nearly all-inclusive. That means the cost covers activities and entertainment, lodging, meals and transportation. Typically, everything but alcoholic beverages is included. Cruises can accommodate any price point. For example, you can often find fares for under $100 per person, per night, but there are more upscale options for luxury travel that are more expensive but have a bundled price with flights, gratuities, shore tours, WiFi and beverages included.

Relaxation factor

One major plus about cruises is that you can relax from start to finish — there need not be any planning involved, except choosing your destination and purchasing your cruise package. Cruises are built around relaxation and are an excellent break for people who engage in frequent business travel and want time to decompress. Many ships have spas, ocean-view rooms and many other amenities conducive to a calm environment.

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