Asia Cruises — An Exotic Way to Experience the Far East

October 23, 2019 Mark Dauner

Asia Cruises — An Exotic Way to Experience the Far East

For millennia, the Far East seemed closed to the western world. Today, Asia is an international destination for business and leisure. Asia cruises are an increasingly popular way to experience China, Japan and South Korea. 

Southeast Asia cruises ferry travelers between Singapore and Hong Kong, and often include stops at exotic beaches and ports of call in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

If you want to see Asia and think a cruise might be right for you, here’s what you need to know!


Asia Cruises: Could One be Right for You?

If you’re interested in an Asia cruise, you’ve likely cruised before, perhaps enjoying the luxury and leisure of a Caribbean cruise, Mediterranean cruise or Alaskan cruise. Asia cruises offer similar conveniences:

  • Only needing to pack and unpack once
  • Pools, lounges, restaurants and activities
  • Opportunity to visit multiple port cities
  • Entertainment and specialty dining options

While many particulars are the same between Asia cruises, European cruises and other types of cruises, there are a few things unique about cruising around Asia.


The Best Time to Take an Asia Cruise

Similar to hurricane season in the Caribbean, there is a best time to take an Asia cruise — during its dry season. Late spring and summer tend to be the best months for Asia cruises. Typhoon season runs from July to October, so cruising to Asia during those months is best done on a river cruise.


Asia Cruise Destinations and Excursions

Like other cruise itineraries, Asia cruises may revolve around various ports of call. From world wonders like the Great Wall of China to ancient temples in Taiwan, culture, arts, entertainment, shopping, history and architecture abound across Asia. 

Both ancient civilizations and thriving modern cultures coexist in Asia. Possible stops could include the following:

Cruise to Japan

There are more than 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto alone. Temples and shrines feature lovely gardens and vibrant parks backset against towering majestic mountain peaks and serene lakes. Other sights include Tokyo and Mt. Fuji.

Cruise to China

No cruise to China would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall. Working with an experienced travel advisor can help you make sure you have everything you need (including a Chinese passport) to see this world wonder. Other compelling sights on a cruise to China include stops at the Forbidden City and the Suzhou gardens.

Cruise to Hong Kong

While flying might be the first mode of transportation that comes to mind when you think of visiting Hong Kong, don’t overlook a cruise as a way to see this stunning location. Sights to see when you’re not at sea include Victoria Peak and Kowloon. 


Set Your Asia Cruise in Motion

Our experienced travel advisors know the region well and can tailor an Asia cruise itinerary to fit your personal travel goals. We start with what you want to see and pair that with the type of amenities and kind of cruising experience you’re looking for to find the ideal cruise for you.

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