Hot Tropics: 6 Exotic Caribbean Cruise Destinations

October 29, 2019 Mark Dauner

Hot Tropics: 6 Exotic Caribbean Cruise Destinations

A Caribbean cruise is often the first cruise a person takes. This topical region of the world is known for white sand beaches, colorful sea life, friendly cultures and relaxed island life. 

If you’re thinking about taking a Caribbean cruise, our experienced travel advisors can help you escape the ordinary with a Caribbean cruise itinerary featuring one or more of these exotic Caribbean cruise destinations. 


6 Exotic Caribbean Cruise Destinations

After knowing when the best time to go on a Caribbean cruise is, where to go is the most important factor of planning a Caribbean cruise vacation. December through April is the best time to go on a Caribbean cruise. While you might save money cruising during hurricane season, it’s important to know that there is a risk. 

Caribbean cruise lines of every type visit Caribbean cruise ports. From family-friendly Disney Cruise Line to the upscale, luxurious Seabourn Cruise Line to industry stalwarts like Royal Caribbean International, Princess Cruises and Holland America Cruise Line, there’s no shortage of cruise lines visiting the Caribbean.

With so many options to choose from, sometimes the best place to start is to narrow down where you which Caribbean cruise ports you most want to explore. Here are our picks for best Caribbean cruise destinations.


1. Barbados

If you love to snorkel or want to try surfing in the Caribbean, Barbados is a perfect port to visit. Situated on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, Barbados boasts wave breaks and rugged coastlines you won’t find in other parts of the Caribbean. With over 200 sunken shipwrecks near the island, this is one exotic stop worth exploring.


2. Bonaire

One of the so-called ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), Bonaire is excellent for outdoor adventure. The preserved coral reef at Bonaire National Marine Park is worth a visit, as is an expedition to Washington Slagbaai National Park where you can observe more than 200 species of birds. 


3. Dominican Republic

Specifically, visit Puerto Plata. This fantastic port of call is home to the Ocean World adventure park, where you can swim with dolphins and sharks as well as play in a world class water park. First class shopping and movie trivia are here as well; an amber museum pays tribute to the home of the amber featured in Jurassic Park


4. St. Kitts

Do you love history? If so, put St. Kits on your list. This Caribbean destination is ideal for hiking, relaxing and visiting relics from the 1700s when the island was a British colony. Enhance your experience with a quick ferry ride over to St. Nevis to see the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton.


5. Jamaica

Specifically, Ocho Rios. While this classic cruise port, may not be one of the Caribbean’s newest destinations, it is the gateway to Mystic Mountain and Dunn River Falls, both worth seeing on any visit to Jamaica.


6. St. Barth

Bigger isn’t always better, and St. Barth proves that. A smaller ship will ferry you to this exotic Caribbean island where you can experience French-Caribbean life. Stylish boutiques, charming restaurants and sandy beaches make this an ideal getaway.

Looking for a Caribbean cruise that doesn’t disappoint? Let our experienced travel advisors plan the getaway of a lifetime for you! Call us today to get started planning your Caribbean cruise vacation.

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