Seeing This Landmark on a European Vacation Moved This Traveler to Tears

January 13, 2020 Mark Dauner

If you’re planning a vacation, you know how challenging and time consuming it can be to figure out where to go and what to see. That was especially true for Lindsay Scarpello when she set out to plan her first European vacation. 

Lindsay saw the value of using a travel advisor to plan her European trip, but thought it would cost more than she was willing to spend. 

Not only was Lindsay pleasantly surprised by how affordable it was to book a ten-day, two-city European vacation with Travel and Transport Vacations, she said she will never take another big trip any other way ever again.


Taking a European Vacation Was a Childhood Dream

After seeing, and later reading, The Hunchback of Notre Dame as a child, Lindsay developed a desire to visit Paris and see the famed medieval cathedral in person. 

While a disastrous fire prevented her from going inside, standing on the steps of the great Notre Dame cathedral brought Lindsay to tears and was a highlight of her European vacation.

“Notre Dame and parts of the UK were about the only must-sees my husband and I had on our list when we met with Abby for the first time,” says Lindsay, “seeing the cathedral in person was an experience I will never forget and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy. My interest, which was sparked as a child, reached fulfillment in being able to appreciate the historical landmark in person.”

Another aspect of the planning process that Lindsay appreciated was travel advisor Abby Bebout’s firsthand experience traveling to Europe.

“Abby was really funny, easy going and flexible in regards to setting appointments. Having traveled to Europe herself, she knew what she was talking about and had great advice about seasonality. We had originally thought about going to Scotland, but she recommended sticking to big cities for our first trip to Europe.”

Big city dwellers, Lindsay and her husband wanted a vacation that provided some guidance but left plenty of room for them to use public transportation and discover Europe on their own timetable. The freedom Abby planned in to their itinerary afforded them time and opportunity to explore the cities they visited.

“In Paris, we stopped at quaint cafes and made time to enjoy fresh baguettes, croissants and espressos,” says Lindsay. “We also made trips to the Paris Opera House and the Eiffel Tower, which were breathtaking and moving in their own right.”

A lifelong fan of Phantom of the Opera, Lindsay was pleased to find a small display near the back of the Opera House gift shop that included Gaston Lereux books and other Phantom tie-ins. 

“Having time to enjoy the culinary, architectural and cultural aspects of Paris and later, London, was great and really added to the enjoyment of our trip,” says Lindsay. “In Britain, we felt like Londoners while we were there, which was awesome. We even met with a friend who described our hotel as a ‘posh spot in the heart of Trafalgar Square.’ Abby not only found that place for us, but made it fit within our budget. We couldn’t have been happier.”    


Booking Was a Breeze

Lindsay counts time saved in booking and making arrangements as one of the main benefits of working with a travel advisor to plan her European trip. 

“When you think of your time as money, it would have cost me so much more to plan out every aspect of this trip on my own. I knew Abby was getting me the best deals on airfare and the hotels she booked for us exceeded my expectations. Our lodging was amazing.”

Another benefit came in the form of budgeting for the Europe trip. 

“Working with Travel and Transport Vacations allowed me to pay for our European vacation in installments that we could budget around. Had I booked them all separately, not only would I not have gotten as great of a deal, I would have had to pay for it all upfront at the time of booking.”

The only expenses Lindsay and her husband had to account for during their trip to Europe were impromptu purchases and food. 


Travel Advisor Tips Were Tremendous

In addition to planning and payment, which were made easier by working with a travel advisor, Abby’s firsthand experience traveling to Europe and responsiveness to Lindsay’s feedback resulted in tips that enhanced her vacation.

“We didn’t know what we wanted beyond Europe, but Abby asked great questions, listened to our responses and made recommendations based on what we said we wanted. 

“One of the things Abby did that was paramount to our trip’s success was to book us on the hop-on-hop-off buses. Knowing our desire to use public transportation and be independent, Abby made a suggestion that checked off all our boxes. We could get on the buses at any time of day and get anywhere we wanted to go while enjoying a casual tour of the parts of the cities we visited.”


Unforgettable Experiences Made Easy

Notre Dame wasn’t the only sight Lindsay visited. She and her husband also enjoyed stops at the British Museum and the official Harry Potter tour

“Abby made our transportation to the Harry Potter tour easy. She booked us spots on a charter bus and told us exactly where to go so we didn’t have to worry about anything. We could just enjoy it.”

Abby’s personal service and planning resources certainly added to Lindsay’s enjoyment of the trip.

“On our final pre-trip meeting, Abby gave us a packet with a detailed itinerary and vouchers. She also showed us how to install an app on our smartphones that had the same information, available at the touch of a button, online and off. 

“That convenience and the quality of our experience before, during and after our trip made this one of the best travel experiences I’ve had.”


Extra European Vacation Advice From Our Travel Experts

Like Lindsay, many travelers dream of taking a European vacation. With so many options to explore, we get your creative juices with these articles on planning your own.

Our expert travel advisors help people like Lindsay satisfy their wanderlust with vacation planning assistance that makes it easy to travel around the world. 


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