Top Overseas Adventure Travel Tours and Destinations

September 25, 2019 Mark Dauner

overseas adventure travel tours and destinations

Does your idea of a dream vacation involve traveling to remote or exotic destinations where you can challenge yourself physically while exploring cultures different than your own? 

Does experiencing this type of trip with a small group of like-minded people sound even better than going it solo?

If so, overseas adventure travel tours may provide the ideal getaway for you. 


Could overseas adventure travel tours be right for you?

Our experienced travel advisors help people plan unforgettable adventure trips all the time and know which destinations and adventure travel tour groups provide the best experience for each traveler. 

Whether or not you’ll enjoy an overseas adventure travel tour depends on what you’re looking for in a vacation. If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, adventure travel could be right for you:

  • Do you think of nature as a playground?
  • Do you enjoy getting dirty, sweaty and physically spent?
  • Do you feel restored, refreshed or rejuvenated after hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking or trail running?
  • Does a certain amount of uncertainty excite you?
  • Do you value stepping outside your daily routine and culture to reflect on life?

If you agree with Mark Twain, who wrote, “What is it that confers the noblest delight? …Discovery! To know that you are walking where none others have walked; that you are beholding what human eye has not see before; that you are breathing a virgin atmosphere,” then you may be an adventurer at heart.


Top Overseas Adventure Travel Tours and Destinations

Adventure travel tours spark wonder and satisfy the craving for discovery by connecting wanderlust with opportunities to exercise it. These adventure travel tours and destinations are some of the best options for adventurers:

  • G Adventures — Travel advisor JoAnna Gonseth shared about her incredible experience exploring Peru with this top overseas adventure travel tour company.
  • Remote Lands — From private jet trips to niche-focused itineraries, Remote Lands is one of the best ways to explore Asia and beyond. 
  • Quark Expeditions — Specializing in Artic and Antarctic adventures, Quark is your ticket to exploring unforgettable fjords, glaciers and wildlife in some of the most extreme environments on earth.  


Top Overseas Adventure Travel Destinations

We’ve talked about adventure destinations on the blog before and offered a number of excellent options that include:

This list just scratches the surface. The best way to make sure you choose the right destination for your adventure travel tour is to work with an experienced travel advisor who understands your goals and preferences and can design the perfect vacation to meet them.

Planning an adventure travel vacation? Let us help you find the ideal escorted tour company to explore your overseas adventure travel dreams. Contact us today to start planning!

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