Tips for traveling while pregnant

February 8, 2019 WorldAware

Pregnant travelers face numerous considerations that most travelers do not need to bear in mind. However, with planning and preparation, pregnant women can safely travel to most locations. Expectant mothers should schedule an appointment with a travel medicine specialist at least four to six weeks before travel. The travel medicine practitioner may need to collaborate with the obstetrician to coordinate care and ensure the best travel plan. For women in their third trimester, or those who will be overseas during their third trimester, consider locating a medical facility at the destination that can manage pregnancy complications, delivery, caesarean section, and neonatal problems.

Pregnant travelers, like all travelers, should ensure that they have health insurance that covers them while they are abroad. Be sure the policy covers pregnancy, pregnancy complications, and care of the infant if the baby is delivered overseas. Evacuation insurance, including coverage for pregnancy-related complications, is also recommended, especially if traveling to a remote area.

What diseases can cause pregnancy complications and what vaccinations should pregnant travelers have? Do airlines have policies for traveling while pregnant? What environmental issues can be detrimental to pregnant travelers? Find out all of this as well as tips for mitigating some of these risks in this informative article from WorldAware. Read it here. 

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